Kurtzon Lighting Medical

Kurtzon medical lighting fixtures create a safe and healthy environment for medical personnel and patients by providing flexible levels of color, brightness, and distribution, as well as contributing to the sanitation and cleanliness of the healthcare facility.

Omnify Lighting

Recognizing the impact that well-thought out lighting can have on architectural features, Omnify prides itself on providing industry-leading LED lighting solutions to match your specific architectural design requirements.

Agency Custom

Agency Custom is proud to represent the world’s most exceptional custom fabricators for the architecture and design community. Our elite manufacturers are committed to realizing your distinctive visions from design to fabrication, installation and beyond.

Sternberg Lighting

Sternberg Lighting designs and builds decorative and functional outdoor pole mounted luminaires that meet design standards for Traditional and Contemporary environments.


Sophis­ti­cated light­ing con­cepts that reflect the company’s phi­los­o­phy in every single detail enable each vision to become a real­ity. Behind our prod­uct fam­i­lies are con­struc­tion kit prin­ci­ples: hous­ing sizes, light units, and tech­nolo­gies are indi­vid­u­ally scal­able so as to allow for com­plex require­ments with a clear design and con­sis­tent idea.

Prudential – Stream Dot Pendants

In keeping with Stream’s signature subtlety, the Square Dot Pendant adds a simple, geometric element of design. Projecting a soft, pumpkin shaped distribution of light, it’s an accent piece that ties in with the entire Stream Series or stands on its own.

Kurtzon – Medical Lighting

Specializing in luminaires for technical applications, Kurtzon’s Medical line is tailored for use in operating rooms, patient rooms, MRI suites, and other medical settings.


The Chalice pendant downlight from Altman Lighting is designed for permanent installation and energy savings. Offering all of the benefits and longevity of an LED luminaire, changing lamps in your fixtures has now become a thing of the past.